Speaking and Consulting

Rochelle Kopp and Steven Ganz are available to speak to your group on the following topics:

  • – How to Talk Like a Silicon Valley Insider
  • – How to Speak Startup
  • – How Silicon Valley Innovates
  • – Getting Started in Silicon Valley
  • – Why Everyone Hates the Way Silicon Valley Talks
  • – The Culture of Silicon Valley
  • – Communicating Silicon Valley Style
  • – Managing People in Silicon Valley — Recruiting, Retention and HR Compliance
  • – Networking in Silicon Valley

We are also available to consult to entrepreneurs and established corporations coming to Silicon Valley on the following topics:

  • – Communicate Silicon Valley Style!

Effective communication techniques for networking, pitches, meetings, and correspondence with potential investors, partners, collaborators and employees in Silicon Valley.

  • – Hiring and Managing in Silicon Valley

The basics of hiring and managing people in the U.S., including how to find candidates, interview do’s and don’ts, defining roles, creating job descriptions, managing performance, evaluations, and compensation. Special things to be aware of in California (which has particularly strict labor laws) and in Silicon Valley (which has a very competitive labor market) will also be covered.

  • – Technical Communication for the Entrepreneur

How to discuss your business and technology with the sophistication and polish expected in Silicon Valley. How to express your ideas and respond to criticisms powerfully and succinctly.

  • – Silicon Valley Tech Trends

Silicon Valley is an exciting place where technology is pushed to its limits and new industries based, for example, on artificial intelligence/machine learning, big data, cryptocurrency, or virtual reality seem to appear overnight. We will survey and discuss various of these technology trends, customized to your interests.


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